Funday Friday – your week in baseball oddities

Given how I’ve a history paper to write (if anyone has extensive knowledge of Juan Perón’s economic reforms in Argentina, holler), and it being 90° here in Oregon (sorry east-coasters), today is not the time for heavy baseball thinking. Instead, I’m going for a casual-Friday kind of post, recapping some of the more light-hearted, impressive, or just downright weird occurrences in baseball during the past week. It’s quick and dirty, but every GIF, video, or article linked to is well worth your time. Unless of course you have a history paper to write as well. 

Robinson Cano returned to New York for the first time since leaving the Yankees for Seattle (and the $240M) over the winter, and found the time to film a segment for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Largely amusing, if only for the stupidity of some New Yorkers (sorry east-coasters, again) – the combination of a giant box and a microphone almost always spells prank.

– Cool graphs illustrating baseball’s borderlines (h/t to @nytgraphics for the incredible interactive map) not your thing? Well what about an info graphic (courtesy of Thirty81 Project’s Lou Spirito) overlaying the dimensions of every major league ballpark on top of one another? Still nothing? There’s just no pleasing some people.

After last week poking fun at Mike Carp‘s woeful inning of relief, I thought we were in for another treat on Wednesday afternoon when Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado took to the mound against the St. Louis Cardinals. Instead, Maldonado allowed just a leadoff single to Allen Craig before retiring the next three batters in order. Furthermore, after Carp’s marathon effort, Maldonado required only 14 pitches, 9 of which were strikes. An anticlimax in every regard.

– It wasn’t all so dull on Wednesday however, we did get a couple of very impressive fan showings; in Texas, a brave A’s fan dressed as Oakland’s ‘Stomper’ mascot, and in preparation for a sweep, brought along a broom (the Athletics won 12-1, which was likely not only a good sign for Stomper’s future career as a fortune-teller, but ability to escape Globe Life Park alive). Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, a fan snagged a sharply hit foul ball one-handed whilst carrying his son with his other arm. Tremendous stuff*.

– The Wednesday silliness even spread around the minor leagues. In the top of the fifth inning of the Fort Wayne TinCaps vs Great Lakes Loons game, first baseman Fernando Perez caught his foot on a sprinkler chasing a pop-up, and unfortunately activated it. Aside from dousing nearby fans, the subsequent torrent of water delayed the game for 18 minutes. Perez would hit a home run in his next at-bat though, so the incident obviously didn’t dampen his day. Sorry… 

– Maybe B.J. Upton needs anti-glare versions of the prescription glasses he wears while batting when he’s in the field too, lest more potentially dangerous moments like this happen again.

– Speaking of dangerous, Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura was forced to leave last Saturday’s game against the Cubs after Ryan Braun‘s warm-up windmilling nailed the 24-year-old in the face. Segura would get stitched up by a plastic surgeon and returned to action yesterday; Braun later pulled an oblique and remains sidelined. Karma?

Carl Bialik wrote a very interesting piece for Nate Silver’s in which he explored Mark Buehrle‘s accelerating effect on the speed of a game; it turns out the Blue Jays lefty is taking just 15.8 seconds between pitches this year, his fastest rate yet. At the other end of the spectrum, David Price is the worst culprit in terms of between-pitch tardiness. 

– On his march to AL Cy Young votes, Sonny Gray made Adrian Beltre look positively foolish (h/t to the incredible pitcher on that one).

– After a prolonged stint on the sidelines, a short spell in the minors, and a couple of rain delays, Manny Machado finally returned from the DL in the second game of Baltimore’s doubleheader on Thursday. Naturally, David G. Temple manipulated the young third baseman’s happiness into an action more commonly associated with Miley Cyrus:

Yeah, I’m pretty confused how it’s relevant too. Your week in baseball oddities everybody!

* I’d be remiss not to point out the Boston fan who somehow snagged a foul ball prize while cradling his phone and a beer in one hand during Thursday’s doubleheader against the Rays. No human life was put in danger however, so he’ll have to settle for a runners-up spot this time out.



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