Much obliged dear sirs.

I’d just like to take the time to quickly say a thank you to all who clicked (and maybe, just maybe, even possibly read some content too) their way to The Dugout Perspective this past month. All your fine browsing propelled DP to becoming the 20th most-read site amongst all amateur offerings in the past month, as per the MLBlogs Central Latest Leaders – March 2014.

Seeing as things are trending positively (DP was 24th in February), today I’ve taken the step of spreading my musings a little further; you can now find my content – along with that of many other fine authors – on the MLB Nation over at 

And y’know, if you just want to read me and no one else (ha!), that’s fine too. As well as my work being solely available at, all my writing will still be going up on DP too.

Once again I’ll repeat my thanks to all those who have inspired me to keep churning out posts on a daily basis – in the dog days of Spring Training it became quite a struggle at times! Now the season is underway interesting topics are thankfully far more frequent in occurrence – like Bartolo Colon‘s batting misadventures!

As always, feel free to contact me with requests, feedback, or grievances – my inbox is always open. Until April (hopefully), enjoy!


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