Thank You!

Three posts in one day – unprecedented territory here at The Dugout Perspective. I’d just like to break from researching a paper for my Global Politics class for a minute to say thank you to everyone who has simply clicked, read, or commented on this blog since its inception a little over a month ago – in the month of February, The Dugout Perspective ranked 24th among Fan Blogs per Blogs Central’s ‘Latest Leaders’. Considering yesterday I found out I’ve torn my ACL (amongst other knee-related things), such good news has provided both welcome consolation and the inspiration to keep writing even amidst essay deadlines and upcoming exams. If there is anything you (excellent) readers would like to see more/less of, or even any special requests to stop ragging on your team’s GM – sorry by the way Seattle – do feel free to let me know either by posting in the comments section or tweeting me  – @TomJFMonson.

Thank you once again DP readers. I hope you enjoy all my future offerings just as much as you apparently did in February – Tom Monson.


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