It’s almost as if Ruben Amaro read through my indictment of Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik, or poking of the metaphorical David Samson bear, and decided to up the ante.

Though obviously Cole Hamels’ latest injury is his largest motivation in regards to kicking the tires on a pitcher who has just fired his agent, and whose slider usage last year has raised questions concerning his elbow durability, Amaro is swinging for fences about 1000 feet away. Accept it Ruben – the Phillies are not going to be good in 2014! Save whatever dignity you have left and accept the inevitable rebuild! Otherwise we’re going to soon have to find the Amaro-equivalent to this YouTube gem:

I’m preemptively setting the over/under for days before Ruben insists Ryan Howard will exclusively play against lefties this year at 15.5. Seems altogether reasonable considering the Phillies GM’s twisted logic.


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