Hello Baseball! Objectively viewing the Cincinnati Reds

Yesterday I plumbed the depths of the NL Central, diving into the stocked farm system of the Chicago Cubs in order to find someone worth writing home about. Javier Baez was that someone, and then some. Today, there are extenuating circumstances…

I was born in Cincinnati. I lived there until I was two. I can’t remember a jot of it, though I’ve been told I loved the zoo. Apparently I’ve also been to a Reds game. That explains it.

If I weren’t a horrific homer regarding anything Reds related, today would be Cincinnati’s turn in my 2014 MLB Season Preview Series. However, seeing as I struggle so mightily to come anywhere close to objectivity when it concerns my Redlegs, I’m opting to pass over them in the name of professionalism. Fine… I’m copping out of making a fool out of myself by predicting them to win the NL Central by 20 games while the Cardinals flounder to a 50-win season. Instead, here’s a (just beautiful) video of Cincinnati’s 2014 center fielder, Billy Hamilton, stealing the first base of his career. That it came against St. Louis makes it that much sweeter.

I’m going to enjoy his everyday stealing of everything not nailed down this season.

As a quick, and more serious, aside, I’ll be very interested to see how new Reds manager Bryan Price constructs his lineup in comparison to the dubious strategies of former skipper Dusty Baker. I posed this question in a more desperate fashion to Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus during his chat last week, and received the following response;

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.34.54 PM

We’re World Series bound!



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